About Us

DRHE (DRTU, Debrecen Reformed Theological University) University Dormitory
It is a high priority for the Doreen Reformed Theological University to help its students – mostly those from the countryside- , who are eligible and worthy of support based on their academic achievement, social status and community work to attend higher education in Debrecen. For this reason, the monthly fee of the dormitory is only HUF 16,000 / month / person.

The University Dormitory pays special attention to
– providing conditions for relaxing and for studying, possibilities for personal life style counselling, entertainment of high standards, autonomous conflict resolution and problem solving, support for undertaking tasks in public life, leadership and the local government, and promoting and nurturing the traditions of the Debrecen Reformed College;

– promoting academic and spiritual support among students, learning about Christian faith and lifestyle amongst young people, and assisting a lifestyle of Christian morality, both for divinity and non-divinity students.